At OhioHealth, we believe in making care easier to navigate and simpler to use. OhioHealth MyChart puts your healthcare in your hands, with online and mobile access to your physicians, appointment scheduling, billing, prescription refills and test results.

We’re always working to improve your OhioHealth MyChart experience. A lot has been happening behind the scenes to bring you the latest version of MyChart. Here’s what’s new.

Give it your best shot

You did it! You got your flu shot. And we’re so glad you did. But if you didn’t have it at an OhioHealth practice, MyChart won’t know. Here’s how to make that overdue reminder go away:

  • Select Preventive Care under Health.
  • When you see the overdue Influenza Vaccine card, click Mark as Complete.
  • Input the date of your last flu shot and click Accept.

The perfect match

A handful of features you enjoy on the MyChart website can now be used in the app.

  • Your After-Visit Summary will be updated in real time to match what your doctor prints for you or you see on the website.
  • You can complete the same actions for Medications in both environments, and click links for additional information about your medication.
  • You can view the documents you have attached to messages or uploaded to MyChart.
  • You can report customer service issues through Messages and Billing.

Don’t take the risk

Mammograms can detect breast cancer up to two years before a lump can be felt. Every woman over 40 should have a mammogram every year. Now, scheduling yours is easy! You can do it from the To Do tile in the app.

Admittedly quick

This summer, we shared that when you were admitted to a hospital and assigned a MyChart Bedside tablet, information about your stay would be available in your MyChart app if you had an iOS device.

Now, this information is available in your app as soon as you are admitted, for both iOS and Android devices. You don’t need to wait to be assigned a tablet. A new section called Your Hospital Stay will automatically appear, with details about your care team, upcoming tests, appointments and medication.

If you’ve invited loved ones to access your MyChart, they’ll be able to see it all, too. So they never miss a moment, even if they can’t be by your side.

We can help!

Call our OhioHealth MyChart Support team at (614) 533.6924 or email

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