At OhioHealth, we believe in making care easier to navigate and simpler to use.
OhioHealth MyChart puts your healthcare in your hands, with online and mobile access to your physicians, appointment scheduling, billing, prescription refills and test results.

We’re always working to improve your OhioHealth MyChart experience. A lot has been happening behind the scenes to bring you the latest version of MyChart. Here’s what’s new.

You’re invited!

Now you can invite MyChart users who are 14 and older to access to your health record, without contacting your physician’s office!

From the Share My Record page, click Friends and Family Access. This takes you to a page where you can Invite Someone to view your records, and see who already has access to your record. You can revoke permissions at any time.

Clicking Invite Someone will direct you to input information about the MyChart user you would like to give access to your health record. The invitation will be sent to them by email. They will have 24 hours to accept your invitation, and will be able to view your health record immediately after they accept.

You’ve got mail, and attachments

Your providers can now attach files to your messages, making it faster and simpler than ever to receive important forms and insurance information.

When you receive a message with an attachment, you will see a paperclip symbol next to the message subject. Expanding the message will display the attachment as a button above any text. Clicking on the button will open a preview of the file in a separate window where you can print or download it.

Learn by video

MyChart can connect you with lots of information about medications, procedures and health conditions. And now, the resources include videos!

If your provider assigns you education during a visit, you can find it under Appointments and Visits in your After-Visit Summary. You can also access education on your own at any time under Resources, by clicking Education-Search Health Library.

Billing improvements

These last two updates enhance the billing experience, and are in response to feedback we received from you.

  • Statements and letters will now display within the Billing Details page, instead of in a separate window.
  • When making a payment, you now have the option to pay your Outstanding Balance.

We can help!

Call our OhioHealth MyChart Support team at (614) 533.6924 or email

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