At OhioHealth, we believe in making care easier to navigate and simpler to use.
OhioHealth MyChart puts your healthcare in your hands, with online and mobile access to your physicians, appointment scheduling, billing, prescription refills and test results.

We’re always working to improve your OhioHealth MyChart experience. A lot has been happening behind the scenes to bring you the latest version of MyChart. Here’s what’s new.

Billing is more organized

We redesigned the Billing Details page to make it easier for you to find the information you need. Now, related information is grouped into categories:

  • The Overview tab displays your current balance and recent payments. The Balances section on the left will show you the status of any payment plans and financial assistance, and provide you with the option to manage them.
  • The Charges tab shows you a breakdown of your account balance.
  • The Payments tab includes payment plan details and your payment history.
  • The Statements and Letters tab displays past statements and letters that you can download.
  • The Account Info tab summarizes demographic information for you and your family. This tab only appears if you’re using a mobile device or a narrow browser window. Otherwise, this information appears as a sidebar.

Now you see it, now you don’t

Control who has access to your health records right from MyChart! Hover over Health, then click Share My Record.

  • Add or remove access for friends and family.
  • Download a copy of your health record, or send it to someone else.
  • Connect your OhioHealth MyChart account to MyChart accounts you have with other health systems.
  • See which devices and apps you’ve authorized to use your health data.

Never miss a moment

Now, when you or your loved ones are assigned a MyChart Bedside tablet in the hospital, you can track your status from anywhere using the OhioHealth MyChart mobile app on an iOS device. A new section called Your Hospital Stay will automatically appear, with details about what is happening with your care. See things like:

  • Upcoming appointments or medication times.
  • The providers on your hospital care team.
  • Test results.

This update is only available on iOS devices.
Android devices are coming soon!

Give yourself the gift of time

You can now use FirstStep eCheck-in with the OhioHealth MyChart app and MyChart website. This feature lets you complete tasks and forms before you arrive for your appointment. Just select eCheck-in from the app, or Update Details from the website, when scheduling or reviewing upcoming appointments.

  • Verify or update insurance and personal information.
  • Pay visit copays for outpatient visits.
  • Make prepayments or pay outstanding balances.
  • Verify or update medications and allergies.
  • Electronically sign documents.
  • Answer appointment-related questions.

With all the time you’ll save with MyChart, you can check out the latest health and wellness advice from our experts from the home screen of your app!

We can help!

To reach our OhioHealth MyChart Support team, call (614) 566.6924 or email

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